Instructional Videos

Please review all videos to gain a complete understanding of how to use this website.

Table of Contents

  • V1 – Create Account & Other Actions
  • V2 – Purchase A Streaming Product
  • V3 – Account Dashboard
  • V4 – Audio Stream Product Overview
  • V5 – Video Stream Product Overview
  • V6 – Podcast Stream Product Overview


Table of Contents
Create Account
Login & Logout
Change Display Name & Password
Lost Your Password
Delete Your Account

Table of Contents
Purchase A Streaming Product
Paying by PayPal
Paying by Credit Card

Table of Contents
Dashboard Overview
Purchase History
Streaming Access
Your Streaming Purchases & Free Monthly Short Video with Dr. Kenneth Wapnick
Account Details

Table of Contents
Audio Player
Multiple Playlists

Table of Contents
Video Player
Chapter Markers

Table of Contents
Making a Free Purchase
Podcast Player