Instructional Videos

Please review all videos to gain a complete understanding of how to use this website.

Table of Contents

  • V1 – Create Account & Other Actions
  • V2 – Purchase A Streaming Product
  • V3 – Account Dashboard
  • V4 – Audio Stream Product Overview
  • V5 – Video Stream Product Overview
  • V6 – Staff Taught Class Stream Product Overview
  • V7 – Podcast Stream Product Overview


Table of Contents
Create Account
Login & Logout
Change Display Name & Password
Lost Your Password
Delete Your Account

Table of Contents
Purchase A Streaming Product
Paying by PayPal
Paying by Credit Card

Table of Contents
Dashboard Overview
Purchase History
Streaming Access
Your Streaming Purchases & Free Monthly Short Video with Dr. Kenneth Wapnick
Account Details

Table of Contents
Audio Player
Multiple Playlists

Table of Contents
Video Player
Chapter Markers

Table of Contents
Staff Taught Class Video Player
Chapter Markers & Recommended Study Aids

Table of Contents
Making a Free Purchase
Podcast Player