Dr. Kenneth Wapnick
2019 Short Videos



Kenneth discusses how Jesus is training us to become like him.

Defenselessness as a correction for defensiveness.

The miracle looks on devastation, and reminds the mind that what it sees is false.

My Forgiveness – poem/prayer by Kenneth Wapnick

Jesus uses the language of the world to talk about a reality that transcends any of our words, and even our concepts, all of which are part of a dualistic thought system.

Kenneth discusses how people deal with the illness of loved ones. Part of his discussion includes how one deals with anxiety, resentment, fear, and worry when one understands that it is not the external situation causing a lack of peace, but rather our decision making minds.

You cannot make comparisons when you see everyone as the same.

The person you think you are is the dream figure, not the dreamer.

The phrase “the lawns of Heaven” is a symbol of the beauty inside
when we’ve chosen love instead of hate.

Kenneth discusses the stories we weave about ourselves.

Kenneth discusses reincarnation from the point of view of A Course in Miracles.